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Main Street Montessori Association is a non-profit corporation providing education, training, and consulting services since 1997. PHILOSOPHY AND MISSION The primary purpose of Main Street Montessori Association, is to provide quality education and childcare services for preschool- and elementary-aged children in Lane County, Oregon. Parent education seminars and workshops offer support to families in the community, as they strengthen and reinforce our ccm_smphilosophy of raising respectful, responsible children.  The purpose of Main Street Montessori Association, DBA NFB Camp, is to provide programs and activities for blind individuals and their families during the annual convention of the National Federation of the Blind. NFB Camp serves children from 6 weeks to 10 years of age.

***The Main Street Montessori Association does not discriminate against race, color, nationality, disability or religious background.***

Summer Camps for Ages 2 ½ to 10 years old

Montessori is a self-paced, individualized method of education that fosters independence, self-confidence, respect and responsibility.

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Children’s Choice Montessori is a division of Main Street Montessori Association, a not for profit corporation