Happy September

HAPPY SEPTEMBER!! We are so excited about this school year – and YOUR kiddo(s) being a part of it! I’d like to bring your attention to some changes, and share some tips on how to prepare for a GREAT start! I am noting them by category:

KID PREP – SUGGESTION #1 Start waking your kids up earlier, so they will be tired sooner and be ready for bed sooner. No naps after 2! If they made it that long, help them to hang in there, have an early dinner & bedtime. Keep in mind that kids should be getting about 10 hours of sleep each night. In doing so, they should be able to wake up in the morning, naturally. SO MUCH EASIER ON THE MORNINGS! If you know that
your kid takes a while to fall asleep, start sooner! Keep screens off the hour before. Throw a dark sheet over their bedroom window to block out light. SUGGESTION #2 Time your kiddo (without them aware) on how long it takes them to get themselves dressed (with as little help as possible, clothes picked out the night before), eat, brush teeth, and shoes and socks – without play/screen time. If possible, do this three times and take the average. Then, allow for this much time in the mornings! No nagging, bribes, or yelling. (I’ll share more tips on this soon!).

GET SUPPLIES READY – spill-proof water bottle that child can open/close by themselves w/ name on it, and FILLED; clean, “inside shoes” (comfy, lightweight shoes/slippers that have some type of sole w/ no “big heads”, characters, or distracting features; “nap sack” (pillowcase, w/ name on it, with toddler-size fitted sheet and small blanket (small pillow, optional).

Night before, and on the way to school – in a confident, encouraging voice, explain the expectations & routine that is going to happen when you get to school. Kids should, generally, have both feet on the ground while on school grounds. You will sign them in, kids can put their belongings on the Practical Life table so they can have both hands free for a proper “have a good day” hug. Encourage them to give their goodbyes/hugs, etc. while you guys are on opposite sides of the red tape. Give ONE “goodbye” with the confidence and expectation that they are going to walk independently into the classroom. From there, we will help them to do

NAME TAG FIRST – PUT AWAY THEIR THINGS – WASH HANDS, then decide if they want to play inside or outside. Please have your kids to school no later than 8:40 each day!

NEW THIS YEAR – “SCHOOL SUPPLIES” – We have never charged a yearly registration fee, or asked for a list of supplies; however, this year we are asking for a small version of one or the other. We will have slips of paper posted on the bulletin board in the entryway with items that we need. You can choose the item you want to donate by taking the slip, and returning it, with your name on it, with the item you bring in. Each item is $25, or less. This is going to be SO helpful!! All items are due before the end of September. Thank you so much!!!

 Do you want to pick out your clothes first, or get ready for bed first
 Do you want to get your jammies on first or brush your teeth first
 Do you want to wear the red shirt or the blue shirt
 Do you want to eat breakfast first or get dressed first
 Do you want to walk to the door, or be carried to the door
 Do you want to walk across the red tape, or hop over it

Good Luck! So Excited! See you SOON!!

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