What should I send with my child?

Please send with your child:

  • Full-set of clothes in resealable bag w/ child’s name on it, to be kept in child’s extra-clothes box in the bathroom. We will send soiled/wet clothes home in this bag. Please replace whatever we sent home the next day in new resealable bag (not necessarily an entire outfit).
  • Inside shoes to be worn during class time. These can be slippers, crocs or lightweight shoes, but must have some type of “sole” and be easy for the child to get on by themselves. They must not have distracting characteristics (i.e. “heads”, light-up, etc.)
  • Toothbrush clearly marked with child’s name on it in “slider” resealable bag.
  • For kids that stay past lunch: Toddler-size, fitted sheet and small blanket for nap/rest time sent in a standard-sized pillowcase. Everything should be clearly marked with your child’s name. If you choose to send a pillow, make sure it is in its own, separate pillowcase and that the child can easily take it in & out of the larger pillowcase (used as “nap-sack”). Please take these home once a week for laundering.

What is the pick-up/drop-off routine?

Please make drop-off’s short and sweet. Staying longer to “help” w/ the transition really doesn’t help at all and only prolongs the effects of “goodbye”. Set the standard from the start, let them be able to draw from you your confidence in them, trust in us, and joy for their day. This will be most beneficial for a smooth transition. They should be on the classroom side of the red tape before you walk out the door. Make sure a teacher knows they’re here.

The children are being taught to greet their family when they see them, clean up their activity, then say goodbye to those they were playing with, and leave quickly (they should put their name tag in their cubby before leaving). Please be prompt in your pick-up time, as each program is full and we try not to transition until kids have come and gone.

Am I expected to volunteer?

Parents are expected to provide 10 hours of volunteer time per family per school year. Look for opportunities and take time to read our “Volunteer Opportunities” signs periodically posted, or listed in the newsletter.

What if my child is sick?

Please phone-in any absences to the classroom line before 9am. This is
important and may make a difference in staffing schedules or lunch counts.

Who do I contact about payment, tuition, or other administrative questions?

If you need to talk to someone about payment, tuition, admin/office type questions, please call 541-726-2654.

Can my child bring a backpack to school?

Due to lack of space and potential distraction, we ask that you do NOT send your child with a backpack to school. Each child may use ONE hook each day for ALL of their outerwear (hats, sweater, jacket, etc). There is no extra space to keep boots, extra jackets, or car seats either. If you must leave something so that it goes home with the child, please ask to leave it in the office.

What is the Show & Tell routine?

Children are invited to bring a book to share any day (not based on “character movies”, Disney, etc.). These books should be placed on our classroom library shelf. If they are for “teacher-read only”, please have child hand it to a teacher. Books should be taken home the same day. Children may also bring in anything that would be considered “cultural”. In the Montessori classroom, this means something pertaining to: art, music, geography, space, zoology, and botany any day. Show & Tell has a theme: in the beginning, it may be “share anything”, during the bulk of the school year it’s “the sound of the week”. You will be notified of the current theme via newsletter. These items may be placed in the “Sharing Container” located in the entryway. They must be prepared to Show AND Tell
about it.

What if I need to request changes to my child’s diet?

We are required from the Office of Childcare & USDA to provide 1% milk to your child with lunch. We are not allowed to give a milk alternative without a written note from a doctor or licensed dietitian. If you plan on providing food or milk from home please let us know so that we can give you a CCD/USDA food requirements sheet. You will also need this sheet if you plan on bringing food from home.