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Hello Montessori Enthusiasts,

Welcome to the Children’s Choice Montessori Blog.  The purpose of these posts is to offer some parenting advice.  I call these, “Tips and Tricks for Birth to Six”.  I welcome questions from parents and families in search of answers to their questions about child development and challenges they are experiencing with their young children.

In this post, I will talk about the Children’s Choice summer sessions, and some of the fun, exciting and important things the children will learn. In addition to the Montessori materials and academic curriculum, the children will be focusing on:

Grace and Courtesy: These lessons are to teach children basic manners.  Some of these lessons include; Saying please and thank you, Getting someone’s attention, Not interrupting, Waiting your turn, etc.

The Human Body:  Understanding our bodies and learning to respect personal space is an important lesson for children.

Insects:  In addition to an overall discussion of insects, we will follow the life cycle of a butterfly.  Beginning with caterpillar eggs, and watching as they hatch, grow, spin a cocoon, and eventually emerge as butterflies.

This will be a fantastic summer at CCM!  We appreciate our families and their dedication to their children’s education and development.

Carla McQuillan, Executive Director

Children’s Choice Montessori

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