Our W. 10th location is located just a block west off Jefferson and is directed by Jennifer Fitzpatrick (formerly McConnell). Jennifer originally opened this Children’s Choice site in 2001. Jennifer is the lead teacher of a classroom capacity of 25 potty-trained kids, three-year-olds, preschool thru Kindergarten, supported by a dedicated and well-trained staff and early intervention team. Because the Montessori Primary program is intended to be a three-year program, preference for enrollment is given to students less than 4 yrs of age. We have a cook on-site that prepares most of our snacks and lunches from scratch. All of our staff members truly work as a team to create a nurturing and carefully prepared environment.


In addition to the children having sensorial experiences with mathematics, geometric shapes, cultural concepts, language & reading, they also receive formal lessons on, what Maria Montessori referred to as “Grace & Courtesy”:  manners, conflict resolution, and the importance of building good character.  Students enjoy many exercises in the Practical Life area of the classroom. This is where they refine the muscles needed to hold pencils & utensils properly, and with ease. It’s also where they learn to pour, sweep, button, clip, and sew.  On any given day, one can observe preschoolers using the Moveable Alphabet to spell words, the Golden Bead Material to gain a concrete understanding of units, tens, hundreds, and thousands, ordering and matching materials using a variety of their senses, and creating art with a variety of mediums.  Students and staff work and play together, creating a “school family” that fills their day with singing, laughter, work, and play.
This school was given a 5 Star rating by QRIS. CCM W. 10th offers a 5 day/week program, with options of a half-day morning (8:30 – 11:30), school day (8:30 – 3), or extended day (as early as 7am, as late as 6pm). USDA approved lunch & snacks are provided.

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