708 W. 10th Ave

Children’s Choice Montessori  Eugene school is located at 708 W. 10th Ave. This site serves 25 children ages 3 – 6.

Children’s Choice Montessori classroom is designed with the child in mind. It is an aesthetically pleasing, prepared environment for young minds to explore and flourish. Beauty, order and accessibility will entice the children to the activities on the shelves. These activities are what Children’s Choice Staff refer to as the child’s “work”.  The teacher serves as a guide to connect the child to the material and to demonstrate proper care and use. The children in the classroom are free to work independently on activities of their choice once they have received a lesson from the teacher.

Children’s Choice Montessori classroom environment has an uninterrupted work cycle each day. During this time the children choose individual “work” of their choice. Although, many children are working independently, this a social atmosphere and you can often find friends chatting, working together on an activity, helping one another out or enjoying a book together. 

The Children’s Choice Montessori teachers and staff are passionate about Montessori Philosophy. The goal for Montessori Teachers are to create harmony and provide order within the environment for the children. The teachers are observers who have a goal of wanting to know the child better, so, collectively, Children’s Choice Montessori program(s) can best serve their individual needs. Throughout the day, the teachers model appropriate behavior in the classroom, give the children planned and spontaneous grace and courtesy lessons and support  the children in peaceful conflict resolution. The Lead Montessori Teacher can also be found presenting lessons to individual children or small groups in our Practical Life, Language, Sensorial, Math, Cultural and Art areas throughout the morning work cycle.  As Maria Montessori said, “Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.” 

Morning group gathering time children enjoy singing songs, reading books, problem solving as a group, complimenting one another or enjoying a fun group game or movement activity together. 

Children’s Choice Montessori has a lovely playground with a covered playground area. Children and Staff play outside multiple times every day! Children and Staff value the outdoor “classroom” as much as the indoor classroom. 

QRIS 5-Star Rating